Rover Reiki is holistic energy healing that promotes general wellness. Rover Reiki also helps soothe pain and ease anxiety in your pets.

Pain and “dis-ease” are experienced when energetic blocks stop the Universal energy from flowing freely through your pet’s body.

With this ever so gentle therapy, the Universal energy that flows through all living creatures begins to flow through your pet’s body releasing the energetic blocks. Once the Universal energy is again flowing freely, your pet will experience a higher level of well-being.

Gift Certificates Available

Healing Halo gift certificates are a fantastic way to share Kellie with your loved ones! Please be advised that if your recipient is looking for an in-person session, there may be an additional travel fee depending on where they are located. If you would like to request a gift certificate that covers this additional fee, please contact Kellie to arrange for a custom certificate.

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Kellie is available for in-person and distant Rover Reiki sessions.

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Distance vs In-person

After years of providing Rover Reiki, Kellie has discovered that not all pets prefer being touched, therefore she offers both distance and in-person sessions.

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