Many months were spent pondering what to name my intuitive healing and Usui Reiki practice. Many afternoons and evenings were spent contemplating how to put into words what I do. Essentially, I work with the Angels using my clair senses to facilitate a conversation between you and your Angels. I also employ Usui Reiki to promote wellness and healing. Guided by the Angels, I also use divination tools such as Angel Oracle cards, crystals, and music to create a higher vibration of healing energy during our time together with the Angels during both Intuitive Angel Reading sessions and Usui Rekei sessions.

As I contemplated how to illustrate,in a name, where my work with the Angels, Usui Rekei, and love of crystals converge to bring you guidance and healing, I heard “healing halo.” Continuing to ask the Angels for guidance, I pondered these two words. It suddenly became very clear they were telling me the common denominator is the healing that is experienced by my clients as well as myself. I have to laugh at the irony, as sometimes the translation of messages from the Angles to myself prove to be the most difficult to receive.

As I continued to meditate on the phrase “healing halo”, I realized how the circle of light known as a “halo” represents to me the presence of the Angels, the collective life energy, and unity. I was then given a vision of a ring of white healing light in my mind’s eye, further anchoring the concept of “healing halo” within me. I intuitively knew that this healing ring of light which is present when I partner with the Angels to do our work slowly descends over the people I work with, infusing them with healing white light and love. Having received this as such a strong visualization, I suggest the visual as a healing technique to my clients. Go ahead and try The Healing Halo visualization on yourself, see how you feel after. Picture a ring of light that descends over and around you. The white cleansing healing light surrounding you from above your head. Slowly the Healing Halo descending around your body emanating the energy of love and light through and around you. If you’re able to visualize this for yourself, and in your visualization the Healing Halo emits not a white light, but a different color light, make note of that color as colors have many different meanings and you may want to research it.

Thank you Angels for the gift of The Healing Halo!

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