"I tried many many times to quit smoking. Did Acupuncture for weeks and all I got was a big empty wallet. Then I tried Kellie and her practice of Reiki was amazing! Within 2 sessions spread over 2 weeks I quit. After 13 years of smoking, I stopped! And the best part was no one noticed I had quit. The Reiki helped me to control my anxiety and deal with my cravings with ease. I can not thank Kellie enough!" - Bree Kendall Dos Santos

"Thank you for the wonderful energy work you did on me. You were right about so much- and my Achilles ankle thing too! Thank you so much! - Sue Syrek

Rover Reiki

"I just want to say Kellie is wonderful. She a given my dog a few Reiki sessions and we were able to see a change in her just after one. The first time I took her to the groomer after a session, the groomer asked what I had done because Missy was a different dog. It would usually take 2 people and a muzzle to groom her - not to mention a lot of time and patience. But now she goes and just sits there and let them do there thing. I think she enjoys the session usually when strangers are over she goes to her bed and if you get to close she get mad, but with Kellie she just sits there and looks up at her. I would recommend her to anyone." - Kelly

Angel Readings

"Kellie, thank you so much for your reading the other day. You were super accurate and once I did what you suggested the condo sold - after nearly two years on the market! The remainder of what you told me was extremely insightful and gave me great guidance. I am so thankful for the help you have given me and for the closure you helped me find. I would highly recommend your readings to anyone considering them!" - Sue Collins

"Hey I found it - this divine spirit - found it yeah!!!! I can't tell you enough about my friend and angel Kellie. You all have got to get a reading from this wonderful person! She helped me a lot. She was with me spiritually when my father passed away. I thought about the things she wrote to me and it got me through some rough times, and still does! Blessed be to Kellie." - Vanessa Greenwood Early

"Kellie is so incredibly tuned into the angelic realm that is it impossible to not believe it exists! With kindness and compassion, she brings through messages that I need to hear - be it encouragement when I'm struggling, guidance when I need a kick in the behind, and validation when I'm too confusion to tap into my own intuition. I highly recommend anyone get an angel reading - or any other service - from Kellie. You won't be disappointed!" - Doreen DeRose

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