The Angels are constantly looking out for you and what is in your best interest. As such, they will not pass on messages without your consent. And, as we all have free will, the big Guy, the big Gal, Universe, Spirit, the Angels, they all cannot ignore our right to make our own choices.

In fact, the only way I or any other person can bring in messages from your Angels to you is with your permission. But once you grant this, your Angelic team will step in to offer their beautiful messages of love, warmth, and sometimes necessary words of a caution that are meant for you, and you alone.

There is however one exception to this rule of your Angels not being allowed to act without your consent. If your life is in jeopardy and it is not your time to “head home”, your Angels will step in to assist you.

I personally have had two experiences and I can assure you that they were amazing and supportive experiences that left me feeling loved & protected.

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