The Angels are constantly looking out for you and what is in your best interest. As such, they will not pass on messages without your consent. And, as we all have free will, the big Guy, the big Gal, Universe, Spirit, the Angels, they all cannot ignore our right to make our own choices.

In fact, the only way I or any other person can bring in messages from your Angels to you is with your permission. But once you grant this, your Angelic team will step in to offer their beautiful messages of love, warmth, and sometimes necessary words of a caution that are meant for you, and you alone.

There is however one exception to this rule of your Angels not being allowed to act without your consent. If your life is in jeopardy and it is not your time to “head home”, your Angels will step in to assist you.

I personally have had two experiences and I can assure you that they were amazing and supportive experiences that left me feeling loved & protected.

I have an affinity for crystals, as they help to enhance the energy around us. More often than not, you will find me using a crystal while doing your intuitive angel reading. You will always find me using crystals in a Reiki session, though they are not required for the healing energy session. However in my experience, they greatly enhance the healing my clients receive.

Some crystals like Danbrite and Morganite, actually help enhance Angelic communication. Fluorite and Rose quartz are a wonderful crystal to help promote and enhance healing. The Herkimer will enhance and assist in manifestation and clarity. Lepidolite helps to balance out emotions and keep energies in a situation calm. Clear quartz is abundant and special as it will assist in whatever capacity you set your intention for it to assist with. It could be healing, communication, clearing, etc. Malachite and Citrine are also for healing and for helping to create positive energy around you and your business. Scolite and Manango are my very favorites. They have a very gentle loving healing vibration.

The Angels only lovingly bring through messages that are in your highest and best interest at that time of your reading. This means the messages may be directly or indirectly related to your request.

For example, a client may ask a question about their current romantic relationship, but the Angels bring through information about a family member or a health issue that needs to be addressed. Sometimes the client will absolutely understand why this is relevant to their question about a romantic relationship. Other times, they don’t. But in time, all messages that are brought through from the Angels eventually become clear and validated by the client.

This isn’t to say that sometimes you won’t receive guidance that is painful to hear as pain often is the catalyst for change. If a message is brought through that makes you feel uncomfortable or doesn’t “fit”, you do not have to “take it” or attempt to make it fit. However, I do encourage you to speak to me about it or another trusted person in your life as there truly is a gift in the information. And sometimes by just speaking with another person about what has come through can help you shift your perception and interpretation of what the message truly means.

A Lightworker is many different things to many different people. For me, being a Lightworker means I feel compelled to help people. It’s literally what I feel my job on this planet is all about.

I grew up feeling like something was missing in my life. I lived knowing that there was something I was “suppose to” be doing, but I had no idea what it was, leaving me to feel unsettled a great deal of the time. It wasn’t until I recognized I was becoming aware of my clair abilities that this uneasiness began to dissipate. I was unhappy because I was not doing what I’m here to do.

Now that I am fulfilling my responsibility, I am not just happy, but relieved. I have a sense of inner peace that evaded me for so long. Through my experiences in having the honor of facilitating these conversations between you and your Angels, I am witness to healing. I am witness to beautiful people experiencing the revelations passed to them through the Angels. It is an amazing experience. It is an amazing gift that I can call myself a Lightworker and that YOU allow me the opportunity to connect with your Angels.

As a Lightworker, my aim is to help bring light and clarity to others. Promoting, sharing, teaching, and helping to create concepts of Love and light is the Lightworker’s ultimate goal. It is a Lightworker’s job, and I truly love my job!

There is so much more to a Lightworker than what I’ve written here, and luckily so much more information about what it means to be a Lightworker is available online. If you feel drawn to learning more, please investigate this topic on your own as you maybe a Lightworker yourself looking to fulfill your own responsibilities.

Divination tools are physical objects used to assist me in facilitating the conversation between you and your Angels. The tools I use most often are Angel oracle cards, crystals, essential oils, and pendulums.

The best way to explain this is to give you a real life example of how this works for me. One of the first readings I did was for a woman that requested a reading over the phone. As I began to tune into her energy and that of her Angelic team, I was clearly hearing that she was to “help the dogs.”

Not having any information about this client, I had no idea how or what this meant as the Angels didn’t provide any context around those words. Trusting that I was getting this phrase for a reason, I conveyed this message to my client – albeit a bit sheepishly. My client was immediately “over the moon” with this part of her reading as she knew exactly what it meant! Earlier she had been talking to a friend who transported animals as part of an animal rescue organization, and as a result had been thinking about helping her outover the weekend. When she heard that she was to “help the dogs,” it not only reinforced for her that her help was needed, but gave her that final nudge to follow through with that part of her journey.

I have been asked whether Intuitive Angel Readings via email are possible. My answer is absolutely!

The Intuitive Angel Reading is comprised of messages from the Angels and the Angels are everywhere. The Angels are right with me when I’m facilitating your Intuitive Angel Reading just as the Angels are with you all the time. Time and space is not a limiting factor for these divine beings of love and light.

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