An Intuitive Angel Reading is not a fatalist or "fixed outcome" sort of reading. It is not a tool to be used to harness the future nor is it a description of your destiny.

Intuitive Angel Readings are a way for the Angels to guide you along your path in this life. If an occasion arises when a client is initially uneasy about the messages they have received, it is usually related to a message coming through that has to do with their Angelic team's suggestion to change their behaviors or attitudes.

This is not to be punitive or shaming. The Angels are simply sharing with you what could happen if you stay on the same path. If you hare happy with the revelations, you have the choice to stay on your path. Similarly, if you are not comfortable with the messages, shifting your intentions, attitude, and behaviors will change the outcome.

It is critical to be conscious of your free will as it is your right. You always have the power and the strength to manifest change in your life. And when you ask the Angels to assist you in your endeavors, they work with you to ensure that the highest and best positive outcome is yours.

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After years of providing Intuitive Angel Readings in-person and via email, Kellie's client have found great benefits to both types of readings.

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