An Intuitive Angel Reading is a conversation between you and your Angels, God, Source, Goddess, Spirit, the Divine, Universe, or whatever term you personally use in regards to universal esoteric wisdom and knowledge that is facilitated by an Angel intuitive.

It is important to note that some people also call themselves psychics, where others identify themselves lightworkers. What you label the facilitator is not important. What is important is that be it an intuitive, psychic, or lightworker, all of these people have the ability to connect and bring through messages from Spirit.

During your intuitive Angel Reading, I will connect with your Angelic team via my clair abilities. Often times, I’ll also uses a variety of divination tools to help make the experience more interactive and validating for you. These divination tools include oracle cards, pendulums, crystals, and essential oils.

Most times your Angels bring forward information about things that have happened in your past or are happening currently as a way to validate for you that their presence during your reading is real. After this evidence has been established, they often bring through messages of congratulations, guidance, support, and love to encourage you as you continue your journey on this planet.

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After years of providing Intuitive Angel Readings in-person and via email, Kellie's client have found great benefits to both types of readings.

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