Think of an Intutive Angel Reading as a meeting between you and your Angels in which a translator, me, has been requested. What would you want to take away from a meeting with your Angels? These are likely the reasons you will want a meeting with the Angels.

Clients chose to visit The Healing Halo for a variety of reasons. Some come for the pleasure of hearing the beautiful messages the Angels have to offer them. The inspirational words the Angels hold for you are amazing. They may offer you a jolt in a different direction which has a positive impact on your life.

Others are going through difficult times and find that guidance from their Angels helps to alleviate the uncertainty they may be feeling.

Still others are light workers themselves that maybe having a difficult time understanding the messages the Angels and Divine are trying to convey to them. There’s a certain detachment from the outcome that is required to translate the Angels messages. Often times we are not able to bring messages through for ourselves or our loved ones when we are attached to the outcome.

Most often, I have experienced that the Angels will send you on your way feeling wonderful about what the future has to hold. A skip in your step or a pensive expression, as you mull over the possibilities you did not initially realize where available to you, are most often what I see after a meeting with the Angels.

Finally, many have reported that they felt a sense of peace after spending some time hearing the messages from their Angels. I have also often heard clients say they feel physically better after hearing their Angels’ messages of guidance and love.

It’s all about energy. The Universe is comprised of energy. Energy is all around us. It is in every single thing we touch. Every object is made of atoms and molecules that all vibrate and “stick” together to form objects. Every object continues to vibrate within its molecular structures. I am not a scientist, but the basics allow me to understand how inherent the concepts of energy, vibration, and frequency exist within our Universe.

Angels communicate with us through vibrations of energy. There are five basics psychic senses that we use to detect messages the Angels are passing through to us. Each and every single one of us has the ability to receive messages from our Angels. We all have these clair senses, available to us. It is simply a matter of opening yourself up to allow or recall how to use these senses. It helps me to put it in context when I remember how much of our brain scientists suggest we do not use. I believe this is wear the clair senses reside. Remembering how to access information through these clairs is likely key to unlocking more of what our brain is capable of.

For those who have remembered how to use their own clairs, it is often times challenging to interpret the messages they’ve received regarding their own lives. Most cases we are very much attached to the outcome of the questions we find ourselves asking. Therefore, having an objective interpreter, such as myself, facilitate the conversations between you and your Angels often yields clearer and more accurate messages.

I am able to communicate with the Angels because they allow me to connect with their energy, sending me their messages and loving guidance through the use of symbols and patterns that I see clairvoyantly, or in my mind’s eye. I often also connect to their messages clairaudiently, which simply means I hear their Angelic messages – be it in the physical world or through my mind’s ear.

The Angels provide me with the ability to receive their messages through my other clairs of claircognizance or “clear knowing” and clairsentience or “clear feeling”. Regardless of which of clair abilities are actively engaged during a reading, it is always quite a beautiful experience and honor to act as the interpreter between you and your Angels.

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