My first experience with unsolicited assistance from the Angels was on a road trip to Maine. I tend to have a “lead foot”, so despite driving my husband’s Prius, it was no surprise that I found myself traveling at an excess speed in the left-most passing lane on Interstate 95 North (I-95N). There was quite a bit of traffic as it was tourist season and many people were on their way to visit the beautiful New England coast.

Without warning, the traffic in front of me suddenly stops! Cars are swerving. Brakes are squealing. And I’m in a tiny car with no place to go, as the car in front of me has already swerved into the tiny bit of road adjacent to the grassy median that separates the north and southbound lanes.

For those of you not familiar with this portion of I-95N, you may think all I had to do was sharply turn my wheel toward the grassy median, but that too was not an option, as this median is not a flat stretch of land. Instead, there exists a steep embankment which is designed to drain rain water off the pavement during storms.

At this point, I was certain that based on the size and weight of my husband’s car combined with the speed I was going, the car was absolutely going to flip. As a knee-jerk response, I instantly slam on the breaks which results in my car skidding toward the steep, grassy embankment.

Suddenly, I find myself looking at the Angel ornament that I have hanging down from my rear view mirror to notice it is not hanging vertically, but horizontally. Then my short hair is directly in front of my face, also appearing to be hanging sideways. Practically paralyzed with fear, I barely have time to process the thought that the world appears to be turning on its side when I hear him, my Angel.

In a very clear and deep voice, I distinctly hear: “Take your foot off the brake and steer the car!”

Without any hesitation I immediately do just that. I take my foot off the break, and with clear intention and resolve reach for the steering wheel. Not having any idea where I’m going to steer my car, I notice the car in front of me is now fully in the left breakdown lane, idling just behind the car that it had been following only moments before.

And what happened next is so amazing that I have no doubt my Angel was directing traffic!

Instantly, the car that I had been traveling behind moves backward. The one in front of him pulls forward. And as if by magic, I’m safely tucked between them in the breakdown lane – not down the steep, grassy embankment – with plenty of room to spare. Thank you Angel!

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