The other time I have experienced unsolicited help from my Angels I was also driving. I had just dropped my son off at summer camp and was headed to work. I had to get on MA Route 114 (Rte. 114) going west which requires crossing over east bound traffic and a turning lane, and the angle at which the road I’m traveling on meets Rte. 114 is very odd to say the least.

So, here I am, having angled my car at the intersection “just so” in order to see the traffic coming down the eastbound portion of Rte. 114 which is to my left. The westbound traffic that would normally be coming from my right hand-side is actually facing me “head on” due to the usual angle that intersects the two roads.

While waiting for my opportunity to make this left hand turn, I experience the oddest sensation that my son was still in his car seat. It was such a strong feeling of his presence that I turned to make sure I hadn’t forgotten to drop him off.

Satisfied in the knowledge that my son is indeed at camp, I turn my attention back to the road. Rush hour continues. Fast moving vehicles are abundant. I’m still not thrilled about needing to make my left hand turn, and even less enthusiastic about being stuck behind a very tall white box truck. That is until it decides to make a right hand turn, affording me the opportunity to scoot into a turning lane which will get me that much closer to the westbound lane.

Next thing I know, I’m acutely aware of my heart pounding and turn my head just in time to see an 18-wheeler barreling toward me! We’re in the very same lane, heading straight for each other with zero room for him to brake or me to turn.

It is abundantly clear to me that I didn’t this coming because the box truck had obstructed my view, but that thought won’t help me now. My skin starts to tingle. My face starts to burn. I attribute this to adrenaline and realize at the same time, I’m in shock. The only thought running through my mind is “I’m not going to make it out of this car!”

Seemingly in slow motion, my car very gently and smoothly is nudgedinto the westbound lane, leaving the 18-wheeler to go by without incurring any sort of impact.

I did not steer my car into that lane, but I also find myself thinking that I’m not out of danger yet. I’ll most likely get rear ended from rush hour traffic traveling westbound. I quickly pull myself together, hit the gas pedal, and am dumbfounded when I look in my rear view mirror to discover that there are no cars in the lane behind me – for as far as I could see! Rush hour traffic and not one single car; I was completely safe because the Angels had pushed my car out of harm’s way.

The amazing thing is it didn’t even feel like a push. The Angels had just sort of slid my car over and out of harm’s way; THANK YOU Angels!

As I continued my drive to work, I knew it had been divine intervention. I thought to myself given the strong feeling I had of my son’s presence just moments before this amazing experience that perhaps the Angel that saved me was very close to my son. I thought that perhaps they knew how important it was for me to remain in my son’s life. And, I have no doubt, my own team of guardian Angels played a part too!

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