I have always had a strong faith in God and the Angels. As an adolescent, I couldn’t understand why people fought and I couldn’t understand why God had created a world where pain was allowed to exist. I found myself wondering why I was sent here and why I couldn’t go back home. I often sensed when someone is about to get hurt and my stomach did loop de loops with this recognition of what was to come. And because it was happening to me, I thought everyone had these experiences.

I seem to always “know” things, like when something is going to fall or who is on the other end of a ringing telephone, and have been aware for a long time that I could feel what people were feeling. However, it was only within the last few years that I’ve come to understand that not everyone is this hyperaware of their environments. Most people don’t just walk into a room an instantly connect to the joyful - or in some cases – the less than joyful energies that have been imprinted on that space. And when I say I didn’t realize that this wasn’t normal for most people, please know I truly mean I had no idea this wasn’t something everyone around me also instantly experiencing.

Over the years I’ve learned to fine tune my ability to connect to the unseen through my clair abilities. I’ve come to understand that everyone has these abilities, and that it is each person’s personal preference to what degree they develop them, if at all. I’ve also learned first-hand how very excited and willing our Angels are to help us. All the Angels ask of us is to have faith and take the time to invite them into our lives, as we all have the gift of free will from our creator, cannot help us without our permission.

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